Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force for all walks of life. In the past two years, it has redefined how we generate, refine, and optimize content. There are several tools on the market designed to make each step in the content creation journey easier and more accessible. Let’s take a look at eight of our favorite AI content creation tools.

ChatGPT: The Pioneer of the AI Boom

OpenAI stands at the forefront of AI-driven content creation. We had some apps and tools using basic AI already, and we cover some of them in this list, but ChatGPT marked an explosion in AI usage and popularity. It quickly became the fastest-growing mobile application in the history of the world.

Frankly, it deserved it. It’s a language-generation marvel. GPT-3 is unparalleled in it’s ability to understand context, generate human-like text, and even assist in coding. Its power lies in its ability to take conceptualized ideas and effortlessly transform them into polished, coherent content. However, it’s not perfect. The initial version only had knowledge of the world until 2021, and while newer models have later deadlines for information cut-off, the model is still limited.

Regardless, GPT excels at crafting compelling articles, engaging creative writing, and developing personalized marketing copy. Its intuitive nature makes it a reliable co-pilot in the creative journey, unleashing a new realm of possibilities in the written landscape.

Canva: Offering AI-Enhanced Designs

While Canva isn’t exclusively AI-driven, it incorporates smart design elements that elevate content creators, turning amateurs into design virtuosos. The platform suggests color palettes, font pairings, and optimally positions elements for visually appealing layouts. You can make posters and presentations on a host of different websites, and many use AI, but nobody does it better than Canva.

Canva functions as a personal design assistant, ensuring that visuals complement and enhance the brilliance of the content seamlessly. Its AI-enhanced design suggestions cater to both the aesthetic preferences of creators and the visual appeal required to captivate audiences. They have hundreds, if not thousands, of templates, and the design assistant nudges your editing in the right direction.

Grammarly: Improving Written Content

Linguistic pitfalls can hinder the impact of even the most well-conceived ideas. People want perfect grammar and punctuation, the most fitting language, and the correct tone. Grammarly, an AI-driven writing assistant, surpasses conventional spell-checking by providing suggestions for clarity, tone, and genre-specific writing styles.

Grammarly is more effective than the most eagle-eyed editor. It ensures that content not only communicates effectively but does so with finesse. It elevates the quality of writing, making it a crucial companion in the pursuit of perfection in every written word. The most impressive thing about AI-driven bots like Grammarly is how well they integrate with other software. You can add the extension to your web browser, computer, or phone keyboard, and it still works!

Wordsmith: Understanding Raw Data with AI

I think all of us can agree that you’re either good with words or you’re good with numbers. That’s why it’s so hard for content creators to deal with data analytics. The challenge lies in transforming raw information into engaging narratives. Thankfully, we have AI to do all the unsavory work for us. Wordsmith specializes in converting complex data into compelling stories.

You can think of it as a bridge between analytics and storytelling, ensuring that data becomes a narrative waiting to unfold. It caters to the growing demand for content that is both informative and accessible. Additionally, we use data analytics for most branches of our businesses. It’s become impossible to avoid writing about something so pervasive in our lives.

Lumen5: Effortless Video Creation 

Video content has dominated the digital landscape for years, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. Even small businesses need a robust social media presence that uses short-form video to promote their brand. Lumen5 simplifies the video creation process without requiring extensive video editing skills.

You can use Lumen5 to transform written content into engaging video scripts, making video creation accessible to all content creators. The software gives you suggestions for visuals, background music, and animations and seamlessly incorporates them into the final product. Lumen5 empowers content creators to step into video editing and helps them create content that aligns with their vision.

BuzzSumo: Unravel Content Trends

Before embarking on content creation, understanding current trends is crucial. BuzzSumo isn’t exactly a content creation tool; it utilizes AI to analyze content trends across platforms. It helps content creators identify popular topics, understand audience preferences, and tailor content creation strategies for maximum impact.

You can use BuzzSumo to build a solid foundation of data that makes sure you don’t stray too far from customer trends while still being different enough that they remember you. It’s the best way to capitalize on trending topics while they’re still popular and produce timely content.

AI tools for content creation are more than digital assistants.  They are collaborative partners in the creative process that amplify your capabilities and streamline your workflow. From generating compelling text to crafting visually stunning graphics and videos, these tools empower creators to focus on the art of storytelling without being bogged down by technicalities. Now anybody can push the boundaries of content creation!

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