In B2B marketing, using video is important for connecting with clients. Over half of B2B companies actively embrace digital marketing, recognizing the vital role of video marketing ideas in their outreach. Unlike B2C, B2B strategies are finely tuned for industry professionals.

In our digital age, where almost a third of Americans are online constantly, the shift to skimming content demands concise and engaging materials. Videos, including live-action, screen recording, and animation, are indispensable, providing a compelling alternative to traditional text.

Entering 2024, video isn’t an option for B2B marketing; it’s a foundational pillar. This article explores innovative video marketing ideas tailored to the unique needs of B2B businesses.

What Is B2B Video Marketing?

B2B video marketing is a crucial part of your overall digital strategy where you create and share video content, ranging from connected television (CTV) ads to product spotlights and industry thought leadership. This approach aims to boost brand awareness, engage customers, add value to existing relationships, and more. Videos can be distributed on social media, through email newsletters, or hosted on your website.

Why Is B2B Video Important?

Video rules online activity, with around 82% of internet traffic in 2023 being videos. People tend to stay engaged with videos longer than with other content types. B2B marketing videos help create a strong bond with your customers, showing your brand as an industry expert. It adds authenticity, making your brand relatable. Videos can also boost conversion rates, making viewers more likely to make a purchase.

While content preferences vary, video is quickly becoming the preferred choice. About 83% of consumers favor video for informational content. In 2024, 91% of businesses will use video in their marketing—a record high. Marketers see its value, with 96% considering video a crucial part of their strategy, providing positive returns in sales, product understanding, and brand awareness.

88% of consumers have made purchases after watching a company’s video, highlighting the video’s impact on purchasing decisions. Even those who are not yet using video marketing (70%) plan to incorporate it this year.

B2B Marketing Strategy

Utilize these tips to navigate and shape your plan effectively:

Clear Campaign Goals

Developing a successful B2B video marketing strategy involves setting clear campaign goals. Rather than a vague aim, specify goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each video, like increasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) or growing social media followers. For instance, if building brand awareness is the goal, create a video series covering your company’s history and featuring client testimonials.

Target Audience 

Define your target audience based on job roles or positions within a company to tailor your video content. This knowledge also guides the distribution channels, such as sharing informative videos with past customers via email or reaching a broader industry audience on LinkedIn.

Compelling Narratives

Decide on the story you want to tell by aligning it with your goals and audience. Leverage emotional content, as studies show it resonates well with audiences. Crafting a compelling narrative ensures your message makes a lasting impact and resonates effectively with your audience.

Plan Your Platforms

Carefully choose the platforms aligned with your video content. Different platforms have varying video length limits and attention span expectations. Short, impactful videos suit social media, while webinars or website-hosted videos offer more flexibility in length and style.

Consider Creative Requirements

Every platform, be it social media or connected television (CTV), has unique creative specifications. These include video size, format, and audio settings. Ensure your video adheres to these requirements for optimal playback on the chosen platform.

Manage Budget and Timeline

Allocate a project manager to maintain the timeline and budget, especially when juggling business operations. Define a fixed budget to prevent overspending, considering factors like locations and props that could impact costs.

Refine and Enhance

Acknowledge that initial video ideas may not be flawless. Continuously learn from each video, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Strive to improve with every iteration, refining your approach based on insights gained.

Test, Measure, and Analyze

Conduct tests to compare the effectiveness of different video ad examples. Analyze engagement metrics, watch times, and other relevant data to inform future improvements. Experiment with small changes in subsequent videos to identify and implement successful strategies.

Video Marketing Ideas

Embark on a successful B2B video marketing journey in 2024 with these creative ideas crafted to captivate your audience:

Customer Success Stories

Showcase the triumphs of your clients, demonstrating the real impact your products or services can have. Share authentic stories of businesses that have flourished with your support, emphasizing tangible results.

Behind-the-Scenes Insights

Take your audience behind the curtain and provide a sneak peek into your company’s inner workings. Highlight your team, showcase your workplace culture, and reveal the personalities driving your brand. Establishing a personal connection fosters trust.

Educational Webinars

Host webinars addressing industry challenges, trends, and valuable insights. Position your brand as an industry authority by providing educational content that helps your audience navigate complexities and stay informed.

Product Demos and Tutorials

Create user-friendly videos that demonstrate the functionality and benefits of your products. Help potential clients understand how your offerings can address their specific needs, making it easier for them to make informed decisions.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Engage your audience through live or recorded Q&A sessions. Address common queries, provide solutions, and establish a direct line of communication. This interactive approach strengthens your connection with clients.

Thought Leadership Interviews

Collaborate with industry experts for insightful interviews. Discuss relevant topics, share valuable insights, and enhance your brand’s credibility by associating with authoritative voices in your field.

Animated Explainers

Simplify complex concepts using animated videos. Break down intricate ideas into digestible, visually appealing content. Animated explainers make information more accessible, aiding in audience comprehension.

Virtual Events Coverage

Capture the essence of virtual events or conferences your brand participates in. Summarize key takeaways, conduct interviews with attendees, and showcase event highlights. This content keeps your audience engaged and informed.

Day in the Life Series

Humanize your brand by showcasing a day in the life of your employees. Provide a glimpse into their routines, tasks, and interactions. This personal touch helps your audience relate to your brand on a more human level.

Humorous Skits or Shorts

Inject humor into your content with lighthearted skits or short videos. Humor can make your brand more memorable and relatable, creating a positive association in the minds of your audience.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Videos

Leverage the power of videos created by your customers or fans to enhance your social media marketing strategy. Incorporating User-Generated content (UGC) allows genuine voices to speak authentically about your brand, providing unique perspectives that resonate with a broader audience.

Live Streams

While your team typically prepares marketing videos well in advance, live streams offer a dynamic way to engage with your audience in real time. Platforms like Facebook enable you to share immediate updates, address questions, and cultivate meaningful connections with your target audience. Going live adds an element of spontaneity and direct interaction to your marketing approach.

Customize these ideas to fit your industry, audience preferences, and brand personality, ensuring your B2B video marketing resonates effectively in 2024.

Best Video Editing Platforms for B2B Marketers

Editing videos is important for making them look good. Here are five tools that experts suggest:.


Mixcaptions can add words to your videos. It costs money for some things, like $9.99 to write down what people say and $3.99 for words at the bottom. It’s good because you can change where the words are and what they look like. It works in many languages. People like it because it understands what people say and shows words at the right time. But your videos must be 10 minutes long, and you need to buy credits if your video is too long.


Splice is a free tool for your phone. You can put different videos together and add music. It’s good for quick edits. People like it because it’s fast and easy. But some things, like music, are a bit tricky, and it may not have all the features on some phones.


Cutstory is free, but you pay $3.99 to remove their words and $2.99 to change the music. It’s for making videos for Instagram. You can add your logo and choose how your video looks. People like it because it’s easy for Instagram. But it doesn’t work well with Apple Music and may not be good if your video isn’t high quality. has free and paid plans, starting at $12/month. It can add words, change video, and more. People like it because it’s fast and has multiple features. But it may not have everything you want, like transitions between videos.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is free, but you can pay $9.99/month for more things. It works on many devices. People like it because it’s free and easy to use. But it may not have all the features you need.


Inshot is free, but you can pay for some things. It helps with many edits and can make your video look better. People like it because it’s easy and works well. But it may have some small problems.

These tools can help make your videos better, no matter if you want a quick edit or something more professional.

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